Septic tanks and systems are still widely used in most rural areas of  Canada and the rest of the developed world. Here in the national capital, Ottawa homeowners prefer septic systems to sewer connections because they are cheaper and because there are no accessible sewer connections in certain areas. However, the septic tank pumping cost is one of the downsides of this choice as when the owner does not take good care of the septic system and take some simple steps to minimize the cost, it can be a hefty sum that should be spent with short frequencies.

If you are not a do it yourself kind of person and prefer to leave a job to professionals, you will most likely call a septic system servicing company for pumping and cleaning your septic tank. In most cases, the cost of pumping a septic tank starts from around $200 and goes upwards depending on the condition and accessibility of the tank. There are certain factors that can further increase the cost such as not knowing where the septic tank is located in your yard (this can happen if you are not the original owner of the property), lack of a septic riser that makes the tank much more accessible and facilitates the service crew’s job, etc.

Septic Tank Pumping Cost Factors

As we have mentioned above, there are certain factors that significantly impact the cost of septic tank pumping and cleaning. First of all, if you are unsure of the location of the septic tank, the service company will have to spend extra time to locate the tank using different methods and tools.

The servicemen will most likely use a plumbing snake or a ground processing radar to locate the septic tank. Plumbing snake is a tool that has a GPS transceiver attached to it; it is fed through the waste pipes into the tank, and the receiver indicates the location of the tank. The ground processing radar is an advanced tool that basically works like a metal detector and helps quickly locate the tank. No matter which tool or method is used to locate the tank, you must expect the service company to charge extra fees for the extra work and equipment required.

Another important septic tank pumping cost factor is the accessibility of the tank. If you have a septic tank riser installed, the service crew’s work will be much easier and cost a lot less. A standard riser costs around $150 but it will return the investment in one or two routine plumping operations. If you don’t have a riser, the workers will have to dig the soil to reach the tank, and this hard work will certainly be reflected on the invoice. So if you have a rather smaller tank (say around 2000 – 3000 liters) or if you have a big family of more than 3 or 4 people, investing in a riser can be a very wise idea since the plumbing frequency you will require will easily justify the cost.

Septic Tank Pumping Cost Minimization Tips

If you don’t know where the septic tank is buried, do your best to find out. You can contact the original owner of the property or do some digging yourself beforehand. Simply finding the exact location of the tank will save you money every time your septic system is serviced.

Consider investing in a septic tank riser. The increased accessibility of the tank will certainly lower the septic tank pumping cost. And as with any other equipment, make sure that the septic tank is regularly serviced to avoid any serious damages that will further inflate the service and repair costs.

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