Septic tanks and systems are an important part of our lives, especially in the rural areas in and around Ottawa, ON. If your house is not connected to the sewers but into a private septic system instead, proper septic tank maintenance will provide great benefits including a problem-free operation, longer lifespan for the tank and correct disposal of your waste. In order to keep a septic system and tank in good working order, maintaining the septic tank to the best of your ability is a must in addition to regular pumping and cleaning. If you fail to take care of the septic system, it will be inevitable to face more problems, to need more frequent servicing and pumping, septic tank pumping cost will increase and the lifespan of the system will be significantly shortened.

Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

There are a handful of factors that you should be careful about in order to keep the septic tank well maintained. One of the most important factors is the landscaping. You should make sure that the septic tank is located in the best possible position within your yard to prevent unnecessary problems. First of all, any excess water flowing from rainwater drains will create a huge load on the amount of water absorbed by the soil near the tank, creating a risk of overloading and erosion. Hence place your tank away from such drains.

Since the soil around the tank will absorb increasing amounts of water in time, you should also make sure not to park your car or place any heavy equipment near the tank. Otherwise, the soil that is softened due to the amount of water absorption may cave in. Also you should make sure that there are no trees growing in the immediate vicinity of the tank since the roots can clog and even damage the tank.

You should also be careful about the type of waste discharged into the septic tank. In fact, one of the keys to proper septic tank maintenance is to make sure that only biodegradable waste is introduced into the septic system. Materials like cooking oils, grease, thinners, varnish or anything that doesn’t belong and cannot be processed by the septic system will cause serious problems in the septic tank. You should also never introduce solid wastes like toilet papers or such into the tank as these will almost certainly clog the entry and exit pipes of the tank.

Septic Tank Maintenance: The Importance of Bacteria

Although this may seem very strange, the bacteria inside the septic tank are essential for proper processing of the waste. They consume the solid matter inside the waste and produce the clean water that is then introduced into the underground water tables through the tank. If you pour certain chemicals found in some house cleaning products including bleach, you may kill the bacteria and cause contaminated water to be absorbed by the soil. Also when a tank is cleaned or pumped, the bacteria will be eliminated. In such cases, there are starter or activation bacteria kits available in the market; you can purchase one and put it in the tank to restart the waste processing cycle.  If you do your job with septic tank maintenance, your septic system will work without problems for a very long time. But if you fail to do so, the consequences can be very disappointing and troublesome.

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