Get Professional Help. If you own a septic system in Ottawa or the surrounding area don’t have just anyone work on your septic system. Make sure you get professional help from a qualified septic service maintenance provider.

Keep your system clean. Having your conventional system pumped and cleaned every 3 to 5 years will help prevent system failure. Aerobic systems should be checked for sludge levels to determine pumping needs. 

Conserve water. First fix drips and leaks. Pay close attention to your toilets. In some situations these devises can silently leak away large amounts of water. In the absence of basic plumbing maintenance these leaks can run unchecked for months before detection.      

Never flush the following. Cigarette butts, Tampons, Sanitary napkins, Baby wipes, Birth control devices, Disposable diapers, Cat litter, Paper towels, Coffee Grounds, Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper, human waste and water. 

Do not pour down the drain. Grease / Fat / Oil, Any petroleum product, Any Hazardous chemicals, Photo processing chemicals, any paint product, including washing paint brushes. And any substance that is not human waste, water or toilet paper.

Avoid overloading the system. Early morning and late evening are peak water usage periods. Running the dishwasher and washing machine during these times can overload the system. Also avoid doing all the laundry in one day.

Don’t use swimming pool chlorine for wastewater disinfection! The chlorine in these tablets are made from trichlorisocyanuric acid. Swimming pool tablets dissolve more slowly than calcium hypochlorite and do not thoroughly disinfect the effluent. Additionally, there is a danger of explosion using swimming pool tablets since the tablets will release an explosive gas called nitrogen chloride due to the fact that they are not totally immersed in water at all times while in use. They are not approved by EPA for wastewater effluent disinfection. (TECQ)

Have your system pumped before a major event at your home. Having your system pumped before a major demand period is a very good idea. Especially if it’s been along time since the last cleaning. One less thing to go wrong… Imagine having 20 people in your home and the toilets are not flushing. Better safe than sorry.    

Minimize heavy duty cleaners and overuse. Many household cleaning products can kill beneficial bacteria in your septic system. This will reduce the systems ability to perform as designed. Moderation and proper use is not a problem.

Keep Trees Away from the Septic System. Tree and shrub roots will infiltrate your septic system; also shrubs planted too close to your tanks can complicate repairs and normal service activities.

Avoid insect damage. Ants and other insects tend to be attracted to electric devises. This can cause major damage to the electronics panel and can lead to system failure.

Avoid vehicle damage. It sounds silly but happens all the time. If your tanks are located anywhere near a driveway or in an area where heavy equipment may travel adding some type of barrier or marker could help avoid major damage to your system.

If you live in the greater Ottawa area would like your septic system to have maintenance, a repair or have the septic tank pumped, give us a call at Crown Septic today!