To help you choose a septic service provider in the Ottawa and surrounding area here are list of questions to ask.

Do they carry General Liability Insurance? These policies protect the homeowner in the event an injury or accident. As a property owner you could be held responsible should an injury occur.

Pricing and fees. Some companies charge extra for locating and digging buried tank lids, extra long vacuum hose runs and some company’s charge extra for heavy sludge in your tanks.

Will ALL the tanks be pumped out? Some unscrupulous companies choose to skip pumping the pretreatment tank. Most systems have a “Trash Tank” that catches most if the solids and inappropriate items flushed in the toilet. These tanks are usually completely buried so digging is required and this tank contains many hard to vacuum solids.    

Do they carry enough hose to avoid driving on your driveway or lawn? These trucks can be very heavy; under some conditions they are capable of cracking a concrete driveway or rutting your yard. If entering your driveway is unavoidable be sure the truck arrives empty to minimize the chances of damage. These issues should be discussed prior to scheduling the service not when the truck arrives.   

Does the company charge dump fees? Many companies charge an additional dumping fee based on the number of gallons removed.

Do they accept Credit cards? Some companies accept cash or checks only.

Do they carry extra lids in case yours breaks? Some lids are damaged when removed from the tank. If a lid does break it helps to know if a replacement be readily available.

How do they dispose of wastewater? Inquire about the company’s procedure regarding wastewater disposal. Depending on the regulations of the area there may be stipulations they must adhere to. Asking theis helps insure the wastewater is disposed of properly. 

If you are looking for a reliable, skilled, and professional septic company in Ottawa or the area to take care of your septic system properly, give us a call today at Crown Septic.